Cleaning of Storm Water Tanks

Equal discharge of swirled-up sediments with FUCHS Mixers

In case of heavy rainfall surplus rainwater is collected in storm water tanks. The solids contained in the rainwater settle at the bottom of the tank. To avoid peak loads in the downstream wastewater treatment, the wastewater has to be mixed thoroughly, so that the sludge is swirled up and evenly discharged from the tank.

Storm Water Tanks

  • Periodical circulation and highly intensive mixing with clog-free FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixers TS-SUB 
  • Easy installation on the tank bottom
  • Highly economical due to low energy demand and low power density
  • FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixers TS-SUB are applicable to any shape of basin

    • Circular tanks with centrally located discharge
    •  Rectangular tanks with laterally located outlet

  • Technical and economical alternative to submerged jet aerators or scraping and rinsing devices





Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixer
High-Speed Mixer for Proper Mixing

Case Studies

Cleaning of Storm Water Tanks