Neutralization of Alkaline Wastewater

Neutralization – environmentally sound with carbon dioxide

Alkaline wastewater is a by-product of many industries. It needs to be neutralized before feeding it into biological wastewater treatment or the public sewerage. 


  • Detergent solutions from food and beverages processing
  • Wastewater from mercerization
  • Wastewater from leather glue production
  • Wastewater from anodic oxidation
  • Wastewater from calcareous sandstone industry
  • Wastewater from laundries
  • Waste liquor from ash removal in brown coal or waste combusting power plants

Neutralization with carbon dioxide originating from flue gas is a forward-looking and economic solution for a better living environment. In many industries flue gas as a  by-product from heating systems or power plants is available for free.

The FUCHS CENTROX Aerator for Flue Gas has been developed for this special case. Without additonal blower it aspirates the flue gas and introduces it in the form of very fine bubbles directly into the alkaline wastewater.





Advantages of neutralization with carbon dioxide from flue gas

  • Low operating costs     
  • Eco-friendly, simple and reliable 
  • No increased sulphate and chloride load in the wastewater
  • Low emission of dioxide into the atmosphere
  • Direct suction of hot flue gas with sturdy FUCHS CENTROX Aerator for Flue Gas  - without additonal blower
  • Fine-bubble introduction and excellent utilization of the flue gas
  • Easy measurement and control
  • The physical-chemical behaviour of "carbonic acid" prevents acidification of the wastewater. Below pH = 7.5 carbon dioxide is only minimally dissolved and outgassed instead.


FUCHS CENTROX Aerator for Flue Gas
Cost-effective neutralization of alkaline wastewater

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