Aerated Lagoons

Fresh air and plenty of activity with FUCHS Aerators

  • Cost-effective wastewater treatment in rural areas
  • Mechanical-biological treatment method
  • Highly suitable for the co-processing of storm water
  • Active biomass growing as as biological film on the bottom and banks of lagoons
  • Aerated lagoon systems often consist of mechanical pre-treatment, aerated lagoons and polishing ponds
  • Low-maintenance treatment method with high operational safety even in case of extremly high loads
  • Highly efficient  fine-bubble aeration and mixing with FUCHS OXYSTAR Aerators and FUCHS CENTROX Aerators
  • Disposal of sewage sludge only every 6 to 10 years


FUCHS Aerators are excellently suited  

  • For small and big treatment plants – municipal and industrial
  • For new greenfield plants
  • To replace or upgrade existing aeration systems
  • To retrofit unaerated lagoons with low water depths (from approx. 1 m upwards)