Activated Sludge Plants

Oxygen for clear water with FUCHS Aerators

 Requirements fundamental for Activated Sludge Plants are 

  • Targeted and efficient aeration
  • Thorough and even mixing of wastewater and sewage sludge

High-quality aerators and mixers produced by FUCHS meet the requirements for

  • The treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater economically and reliably
  • Simple and quick installation without interruption of operation
  • Low maintenance and long service life


Application is possible for nearly every shape of tank or lagoon

  • Ring-shaped or combined tanks
  • Circular or rectangular tanks
  • Circulation tanks or oxidation ditches
  • Application at low water depths ranging from 1 up to 5 meters 

FUCHS Aerators

  • Optimal for upgrading, retrofitting or replacing existing aeration systems
  • FUCHS OXYSTAR Aerator are ideal to replace inefficient brushes in oxidation ditches

FUCHS Mixers

  • Mixing and circulation without oxygen transfer