Creating efficient aeration and a strong horizontal flow

  • Efficient aspirating aerator creating a strong horizontal flow 
  • Ideal for activated sludge basins, aerated lagoons and equalization basins
  • Optimum aeration and mixing of the wastewater
  • Simple and versatile installation on sturdy flotations or at individually adjusted mounting brackets
  • No need to empty the basin and interrupt operation during installation
  • Low maintenance and long service life due to solid and reliable design combined with highest quality materials
  • Available with all IEC motor sizes from 1.1 kW to 22.0 kW 






  • Effective and economical way to treat municipal and industrial wastewater 
  • Consistently high performance due to clog-free operation of the propeller
  • No seals or bearings in the submerged part of the aerator
  • All submerged parts are made of stainless steel or FRP
  • Low noise level, no spray water
  • Low weight - easy handling


Aerated Lagoons
Fresh air and plenty of activity with FUCHS Aerators
Activated Sludge Plants
Oxygen for clear water with FUCHS Aerators
Equalization Basins
Keep it fresh and mix it with well-proven FUCHS Aerators

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