FUCHS CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control

Special aerator – the answer to foaming problems

  • Mainly applied in equalization basins and for the treatment of sewage sludge or liquid manure
  • Aeration, mixing and foam control all in one unit
  • Levelling of foam by integrated conical foam intake
  • High oxygen transfer due to fine-bubble aeration
  • Long service life due to highest quality components und highest quality standards
  • Aerator makes excellent part of almost any wastewater treatment plant due to versatile installation options

    • in tanks with varying water level on sturdy flotations 
    • or with individually adjusted mounting brackets

  • No spray water, no operation problems due to cooling in winter, no odors 
  • Available with all IEC motor sizes from 1.5 kW to 15.0 kW 






Aeration of Sewage Sludge
Stabilize sewage sludge and prevent the development of odors
Activated Sludge Plants
Oxygen for clear water with FUCHS Aerators
Equalization Basins
Keep it fresh and mix it with well-proven FUCHS Aerators and mixers

Case Studies

Equalization Basin

Aeration of Sewage Sludge