Case Study Cleaning of Storm Water Tanks

Cleaning of a rectangular storm water tank

The storm-water holding tank was designed as a rectangular, closed concrete tank with a volume of 950 m³ (measures: L x W x Dmax. = 44 m x 9.2 m x 2.35 m). 

During the filling FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixers TS-SUB keep the solids in suspension. This leads to an even concentration in the wastewater, when it is fed into the treatment plant. 

The mixers are switched off early enough before the maximum filling level is reached.

When the storm water passes the overflow and is discharged into a receiving water or the public sewerage it is largely free form solids. When the storm water tank is emptied FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixers stir up the solids and they float out of the tank. No manual cleaning of the tank floor is required.


Type of wastewater:storm water
Cleaning objective: mechanical treatment of overflow water,
equal discharge of swirled-up sediments
Equipment: 6 x FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixer TS-SUB 4.0
(nominal power: 4.0 kW each)




  • FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixers TS-SUB are easily installed on the tank bottom with a simple bracket made of stainless steel.
  • Switching them on and off is automated by using a level control


FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixer
High-Speed Mixer for Proper Mixing


Cleaning of Storm Water Tanks
Equal discharge of swirled-up sediments with FUCHS Mixers