Case Study Equalization Basin

Buffer tank in food processing industry (dairy industry)

The extension of a dairy in Germany required further treatment of the wastewater. Upstream the existing wastewater treatment plant an equalization basin was built. Right in the center it was equipped with a floating FUCHS CENTROX Aerator. The aerator keeps the inflowing wastewater well-mixed and fresh, this leading to a partly degradation of the biosolids. An additional FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixer placed in the outer area of the basin optimizes circulation.


Type of wastewater: industrial (dairy, meat processing)
Objective:equalize and keep wastewater fresh and benefit the environment
Equalization basin weekly operation
  • diameter:
  • volume:
  • water depth:
19 m
200 m³ (min.) - 900 m³ (max.)
0.7 m - 3.16 m
Equipment:1 x FUCHS CENTROX Aerator
(nominal power: 15.0 kW)
1 x FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixer TS-SUB 4.0
(nominal power: 4.0 kW)




  • To follow the varying water level the FUCHS CENTROX Aerator is mounted on a flotation. This leads to constantly high oxygen transfer. 
  • The flotation is mounted to the tank wall with a fixing bar and a hinge, which allows  easy installation and maintenance.
  • The FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixer is fixed at a guide bar, thus being adjustable in height and side movement and easy to disassemble.
  • For foaming problems with industrial and commercial wastewaters FUCHS CENTROX Aerators with Foam Control are applied.


A gentle but thorough method of mixing wastewater
FUCHS CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control
Special aerator for solving foaming problems
FUCHS Submersible TURBOSTAR Mixer
High-Speed Mixer for Proper Mixing


Equalization Basins
Keep it fresh and mix it with well-proven FUCHS Aerators