Sewage Sludge

Aerobic Digestion at 30–50°C

Sewage sludge stabilization fast and low-priced 

Stabilization of sewage sludge is a basic requirement for agricultural use. Aerobic digestion in a separate basin is a simple and cost-effective way to increase the capacity of existing wastewater treatment plants. Sewage sludge as well as manure are stabilized and at thermophilic temperatures (> 50°C) disinfected, if required.

Aeration of thickened sewage sludge in covered reactors heats it autothermally up to ~ 35 °C (95 °F). This allows short retention times and small reactors for stabilization.

The FUCHS CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control provides for aeration, mixing and foam control in only one machine. The combination of small reactor and cost-effective equipment reduces capital costs to a minimum.

The process of aerobic stabilization is very sturdy. Start-up and process-control are easy to handle. This process in combination with our CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control offers a cost-effective and user-friendly solution especially for small to medium plant sizes.



  • Field-tested machinery
  • One unit combines aeration, mixing and foam control
  • Use of existing basins
  • Easy plant expansion
  • Treatment of primary, waste activated and fatty sludge
  • Short retention times
  • Small footprint
  • Low capital costs
  • Industrial and municipal applications
  • High-quality product with excellent fertilizing properties

Case Studies

Aerobic digestion at 30–50°C
A case study from Germany


Only one machine is needed for aeration, mixing and foam control: the FUCHS CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control.
This reduces capital costs. In case redundancy is needed several smaller units can be applied.
Basically the aerator consists of drive, foam cone and impeller. 
The rotating impeller sucks sludge from below and air or foam from above through the foam cone and swirls the mixture of both radially to the sides.
The unique design of the CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control makes it very sturdy and low-maintenance. 
It does not have bearings or seals in the immersed part and all submerged parts are made of stainless steel or plastics.
The CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control can either be mounted to a bridge, an installation opening or on float assemblies.