Sewage Sludge

Aeration of Sludge

FUCHS CENTROX Aerators with Foam Control keep sewage sludge fresh

Sewage sludge is highly reactive. Long-term storage may lead to septic conditions resulting in bad odors which bother not only residents. 

The aeration of sludge limits the formation of odors caused by anaerobic bacteria. The sludge is kept fresh. Additional treatment of the off-gas is not required.

Existing storage tanks can be retrofitted with our FUCHS CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control. The aerator provides for effective aeration and thorough mixing of the sludge and simultaneously controls the foam layer.

In uncovered tanks with varying sludge level installation on flotation provides for the correct immersion depth of the Aerator at all filling levels.



Aeration of sludge with CENTROX-Aerators with Foam Control

  • Field-tested equipment
  • One machine combines aeration, mixing and foam control
  • Use of existing basins
  • Low capital costs
  • Industrial and municipal applications
  • Sludge is kept fresh and odors do not develop
  • Thorough stabilization of sludge

Case Studies

Aeration of sludge
A case study from Germany


Only one machine is needed for aeration, mixing and foam control: The FUCHS CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control.
Thus capital costs are reduced. In case redundancy is needed several smaller units can be used.

Basically the aerator consists of drive, foam cone and impeller.
The rotating impeller sucks sludge from below and air or foam from above through the foam cone and swirls the mixture of both radially to the sides.

The unique design of the Aerator makes it very sturdy and low-maintenance.
There are no bearings or seals in the immerged part and all submerged parts are made of stainless steel or plastics.

The CENTROX Aerator with Foam Control can either be mounted with a mounting bracket or on float assemblies.