Sewage Sludge

Aerobic Sludge Treatment

Turning sewage sludge into biosolids for more than 30 years

Autoheated Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) from FUCHS is an EPA-approved process to stabilize and disinfect sludge. Ordinary sewage sludge is turned into Class A  Biosolids. The product is a highly welcome organic fertilizer.

If stabilization is the main objective, aerobic treatment in the mesophilic temperature range is sufficient. Our CENTROX Aerator combined with simple compact reactors minimizes capital costs to a minimum.

The FUCHS CENTROX Aerator is excellently suited to keep sludge fresh. Bad odors are not able to develop and the sludge will be thoroughly stabilized.

Take advantage of FUCHS´ know-how. We have been effectively treating sewage sludge since the 1960s.

Autoheated Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD)
From sewage sludge to Class A Biosolids
Aerobic Digestion at 30-50 °C
Sewage sludge stabilization fast and low-priced
Aeration of Sludge
Keep sewage sludge fresh