FUCHS Biofilter

Effective purification of waste gas

FUCHS Biofilters purify off-gases by means of environmentally friendly biological processes in an economical way. This sturdy process does not need additional nutrients or chemicals.

The FUCHS Biofilter essentially consists of a scrubber and the biofilter module. The special design of our scrubber and the biofilter modules provides for a healthy environment for the filter material and the microorganisms. Because of the covered modules a weather independent operation is possible. FUCHS Biofilters are running in cold climates like Finnland and hot climates like Malaysia.

Our wide spectrum of biofilter types offers a solution for nearly every requirement. We offer three types of biofilter which are available in different sizes. Special requirements like explosion-proofness are available on request.

Take the advantage of our technology and our experience of more than 25 years and get in contact with us.



  • Low-maintenance and economical operation
  • Flexible module systems, expandable for higher quantities of raw-gas
  • High-quality recyclable materials
  • Ecological through biological processes, only recyclable media
  • Covered filter surface for weather-independent operation
  • Simple handling when exchanging filter material: the cover can easily be removed
  • Sturdy operation
  • Customized solutions with high lifetime and reliability
  • No supplemental chemicals or nutrients
  • Installations worldwide
  • More than 25 years of experience


FUCHS Biofilter Technology for:
  • Abattoirs
  • Adhesive production
  • Animal rendering
  • Aroma extraction
  • Beer wort drying
  • Bitumen prosessing
  • Bone processing
  • Cocoa roasting plant
  • Coffee roasting plant
  • Composting
  • Dung drying
  • Fat melting plants
  • Fish meal factories
  • Flavor production
  • Foundries
  • Fried fish production
  • Frying plant
  • Gelatin production
  • Glue production
  • Impregnating agent production and processing
  • Industrial waste water treatment plants
  • Livestock facilities
  • Municipal waste water treatment plants
  • Oil mills
  • Paint and varnish production and processing
  • Photographic film production
  • Plastics processing
  • Polyester production
  • Polymer concrete manufacture
  • Printing shops
  • Production of essences
  • Seasoning manufacture
  • Sewage sludge drying
  • Sugar factory
  • Tank farms
  • Technical oils and greases
  • Tobacco processing
  • Waste storage and processing
  • Yeast fermentation