FUCHS Biofilter Fundamentals

Naturally pure air

Off-gas treatment in biofilters is based on the activity of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, fungus, yeast), which are able to oxygenate organic and also some inorganic gaseous substances (NH3, H2S) bio-chemically. They are degraded into harmless and non-odorous components. As the FUCHS Biofilter systems base on biological processes the substances have to be water-soluble, biologically degradable and non-toxic for microorganisms.

The off-gas to be treated is first of all passed to the pre-scrubber. According to the requirements the raw gas is treated with regard to dust particles, temperature and humidity.

High-quality fans transfer the pre-treated raw-gas into the heart of the plant, the filter module. Microorganisms settling on the filter material (bark, root wood, peat etc.) turn mainly organic gaseous substances into gases which are imperceptible.