General information


Can I rent FUCHS equipment for a limited time?

Yes, this is nearly always possible. Often there are even used, overhauled units in stock, which can be provided at short notice.


Aerator as mixer

Can FUCHS Aerators also be applied as mixers, that means without air intake?

No. FUCHS Aerators are optimized for a highly efficient oxygen transfer while simultaneously creating a strong directed flow.
If circulation and mixing shall take place separately, we recommend the FUCHS TURBOSTAR Mixer.

Low water depth

Can FUCHS Aerators also be installed at low water depth?

This is of course possible. FUCHS Aerators with low motor power may easily be applied at water depths from 80 cm upwards. Thus, for example, even shallow, „unaerated“ lagoons can be retrofitted with FUCHS Aerators.

Winter operation

Are FUCHS Aerators suitable for winter operation?

Yes. However, on intermittent operation during longer frost periods in winter the switch-off periods must not be too long. Continuous operation is better. 
As an option at extreme climates we offer a self-regulating anti-freeze heating.

Frequency converter

Can FUCHS Aerators be operated with a frequency converter?

Basically this is possible, but only within a certain defined range of rotation, which is not critical for the aerator. Our staff is ready to take care of your special case.