Innovation is our Tradition

The History of Success

High-quality solutions and products hallmark the long success story of the company.
And quality has its tradition.

As early as in 1965 originates the successful history of the company today called
FUCHS Enprotec GmbH.

Hubert K. E. Fuchs, the company founder, starts developing self-aspirating aerators. The first equipment of its kind was used for the treatment of pig manure and resulted in the development of the Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion process (ATAD). This being a pioneering process, by means of which sewage sludge was not only stabilized but, what is more, also disinfected.

It was in the 70ies that the renowned FUCHS Aerators were newly applied in wastewater treatment plants and activated sludge plants. Right from the start high-quality products and customer-oriented service being significant success factors, today FUCHS Aerators and ATAD plants are present all over the globe.

Tradition, innovation and customer service are still the key to our current technologies and products. The company headquarters have been and still are in Mayen

A successfull company history of four decades makes us fit for future challenges in environmental protection. FUCHS takes charge and creates advanced and efficient technologies and economical products for tomorrow’s market requirements.