Key Data 

2020Handover of the management to Dr. Christian Henrich.
2019Acquisition of the company by Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

Worldwide representations. More than 3,500 reference plants.


40th company anniversary.

2010Company is re-named to FUCHS Enprotec GmbH.
2005ATAD AIC: Enhancing biosolids treatment to a new level.
2001FUCHS retrofit/expansion of a Thai industrial estate, one of the largest in the world. Followed by three further expansions up to now.
1990FUCHS ATAD Process approved by US Environmental Protection Agency.
1987Development of the first FUCHS Biofilter for odor control.
1982Leonhard and Martin Fuchs assume management responsibility for the company.
1977First „greenfield“ wastewater treatment plant, implementing the FUCHS ATAD Process and FUCHS Spiral Aerators in an activated sludge basin. 
1974Establishment of Fuchs Company. Patent for the FUCHS Spiral Aerator.
1971First aerated lagoons for food industry.
1968Patent for the FUCHS CENTROX Aerator. Discovery of the phemomena leading to the ATAD process. 
1965Hubert K. E. Fuchs starts developing self-aspirating aerators.